Recipe and mix sesame tahini for weight gain

Recipe and mix sesame tahini for weight gain

Recipe and mixture of sesame tahini for weight gain, as sesame tahini and what is called in some Arab countries as al-Rashi is a neighborhood of sesame powder after it is prepared and mixed with a certain amount of edible oil to become the final form liquid sesame tahini, which is included in many appetizer dishes such as tahini salad, Baba Khanouj and many others Food dishes in which tahini is included, and sesame tahini is also used in many other uses. Here, through this article, we learn whether sesame tahini increases weight, but it is a mixture of diet mixtures to lose weight, so follow us in this article on the topics site

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How to make sesame paste at home

You can now make sesame tahini in some very easy ways that you do not find difficult, which are the following steps:

  • A high quality sesame is selected and it is first soaked in a salt solution until the husks are completely separated from the sesame seeds.
  • Then we wash it well until all the scales floating in the water are removed.
    After that, the sesame is squeezed in its own juicers in the factories, so that we can get liquid sesame, and we can reduce its density with edible oil.
  • But if the tahini method is made at home, then after washing the sesame well from the husks, put an appropriate amount of sesame with an appropriate amount of oil and beat them well in the blender, then we pack it in tightly sealed jars.

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Benefits of sesame tahini for the body

There are many benefits of sesame tahini, because it is extracted from sesame itself, which is known for its many benefits, including:

  • Putting tahini in places of gum infections in the mouth and inflamed areas on the tongue, it treats them immediately.
  • Sesame tahini helps moisturize the lips and protect them from chapping, especially in the winter season, because it contains moisturizing sesame oils.
  • Sesame tahini also has the ability to treat sore throats, and it is eaten as a gargle in the throat, and it also helps to expel phlegm greatly and well.
  • Tahini helps activate the immune cells of the body and thus works to protect it from diseases.
  • Sesame tahini protects against stomach and duodenal ulcers.
  • It helps a lot in treating indigestion and severe constipation.
  • It is used as a mask on the skin, as it helps to treat and moisturize the skin.

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Sesame tahini recipes for weight gain

It is possible to use sesame tahini in some recipes for the purpose of gaining weight, as follows:

Tahini sauce:

It consists of a cup of flour sprinkled with black pepper, salt and cumin, two tablespoons of lemon juice, two tablespoons of vinegar, two tablespoons of vinegar, half a spoonful of garlic and green coriander, and it is to put all the required quantity and mix them together well and eat them with meals as a kind of salad.

Chickpeas Tahini Sauce:

It is half a cup of boiled Levantine chickpeas with half a cup of sesame tahini and all the spices that you prefer in the food as desired, two tablespoons of lemon, two tablespoons of oil and two tablespoons of vinegar, and we mix them all until they mix, then you eat this salad with the meal.

Tahini with Molasses:

It is by putting two tablespoons of tahini with two tablespoons of date molasses or pomegranate molasses and mixing them with each other until they are mixed and eaten for breakfast or used with slices of bread.

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Benefits of sesame tahini for diet

Others also use sesame tahini here for weight loss and dieting, unlike what is used for weight gain, for all of its following benefits for weight loss:

  • Sesame tahini provides the body with saturated fats, eliminates harmful cholesterol levels, and raises good cholesterol levels. It also burns accumulated fats in the body.
  • Tahini works to improve the function and regulation of the digestive system, helps in bowel movement, helps the digestion process, and helps in getting rid of chronic constipation diseases, because it contains Kalina.
  • Sesame tahini helps to lose weight, helps burn fat, and is a good fighter for obesity because it contains fibers that help in digestion.
  • Tahini with sesame helps to feel full.

Liquid tahini for fattening the face

It is known about sesame tahini that it has many benefits and properties that make it rich in vitamins and saturated oils. To learn about the most important benefits of tahini for the face, it is as follows:

  • Tahini with sesame works to lighten and whiten the skin, and also helps the skin to rest and not feel tired.
  • It also removes sunburn on the skin and keeps the face fresh from tanning.
  • Tahini helps tighten facial skin and get rid of wrinkles and premature aging.
  • When wiping the skin of the face with tahini, using a cotton swab, the entire face is wiped. In this way, you can always maintain the freshness of the skin.
  • Tahini with sesame treats facial melasma and gets rid of spots. Tahini is also used as a sunburn mask and gets rid of weather factors that affect the skin.

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Tahini masks for the skin

We offer you some recipes that are used as a mask and mask for the skin to maintain its freshness and smooth texture:

Tahini and rose water mask:

It is a spoonful of tahini and a spoonful of rose water, along with a spoonful of starch, a spoonful of milk with five drops of lemon and the same amount of almond oil, and mix them well in a bowl. It is applied to the facial skin and left for half an hour, then rinsed, and this process is repeated twice a week.

Tahini and turmeric mask:

It is by putting an amount of tahini with an appropriate amount of turmeric with the same amount of milk and they are mixed well, then used as a face paint for half an hour and then rinsed well. This mask helps remove black pimples and helps moisturize the skin and treat sun spots.

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