How to make Nutella with milk for fattening and weight gain

How to make Nutella with milk for fattening and weight gain

The method of making Nutella with milk for fattening and weight gain, as Nutella with milk for fattening is one of the proven recipes that significantly increase weight.

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How to make Nutella with milk for fattening

Nutella is cocoa sweetened with hazelnuts that is commonly consumed in breakfasts and desserts around the world. Nutella contains sugar, palm oil, hazelnuts, cocoa, milk powder, lecithin and artificial vanilla. It is rich in calories, sugar and fat and increases its fattening ability when milk is added to it as it is considered This is a quick-preparation drink that tastes sweet and helps to gain weight. It is recommended to boil a cup of milk, and add three tablespoons of chocolate, as it is heavy, then it is eaten three times a day.

Nutella for weight gain

Many wonderful recipes and mixtures are made in which Nutella is put, which has a delicious taste, and it helps a lot in fattening the body completely and finally getting rid of the problem of thinness, and these things work to rid women and men of thinness, which greatly affects the general shape.
– It is possible to eat Nutella cheesecake because it is one of the most delicious recipes that help in gaining weight, and it is eaten continuously and it is one of the most delicious things and foods that work on fattening quickly and get rid of thinness, and it is made of easy and fast ingredients to prepare continuously.
Eating hazelnuts with Nutella chocolate is one of the most wonderful recipes that helps a lot in gaining weight, and it is put in many wonderful and distinctive recipes, including Nutella in puff pastry dough with roasted hazelnuts, as it is one of the wonderful foods that increases weight and fattening.
– Make a Nutella mixture for fattening, which is by mixing Nutella chocolate with pistachio butter with halva tahini with milk, and this mixture is left well and placed in the refrigerator and eaten about three spoons of it on a daily basis, and it is one of the most noticeable recipes that increases weight significantly when continuing on it for 5 minutes days.
– When eating Nutella recipes, it must be consumed within the permissible limit and for a period of five days only, because it works to quickly get rid of obesity and is one of the most important proven recipes to permanently eliminate thinness.
Using Nutella with a glass of milk helps a lot in getting rid of the problem of thinness, and also helps in gaining weight and eliminating all the problems that exist in the thin body.

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Tips for gaining weight

Eat fast food
It is known that fast food (snacks) is one of the foods that contain large calories that lead to rapid weight gain in a short time.
Drinking juices
Juices are drinks that contain a lot of sugar, so it is necessary to replace them with hot drinks, and drink juices such as (mango juice, strawberry juice, cane juice, orange juice) continuously throughout the day.
Divide mealtimes
You have to increase the number of meals, for example, instead of three meals, it becomes six meals throughout the day, for example, between breakfast and lunch, including an additional meal, and so on.
Doing exercises
There are types of exercise that work on sculpting the body and increasing its muscle mass, which gives the body a beautiful shape, as exercise works to increase appetite and appetite for food well.
Eat proteins
Proteins from meat and all kinds of fish, and birds of all kinds (ducks, geese, quails and pigeons) and others work to increase the muscle mass in the body, which works to increase weight quickly.
Eat foods rich in sugars
Sugary substances are among the factors that increase weight significantly by eating foods that contain them, such as jam, bee honey, cake, gateaux, oriental sweets, and others.
Eat foods that contain starches
Starches are substances that contain large proportions of calories that lead to a significant and noticeable increase in weight, such as (all kinds of rice, pasta, and baked goods made from white flour.
Eat nuts and dried fruits
Roasted nuts and dried fruits are foods that contain many vitamins, healthy fats, and oils that increase significantly after eating them regularly.
Eat dairy products
Eat full-fat dairy products, such as (yogurt, cheese of all kinds, cream and butter). These foods contain a large proportion of fats and oils that increase weight well in a short time.

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Reasons for thinness

Family medical history:
Because of some genetic traits and genes that are inherited from one generation to the next in the individual’s injury to thinness, there are many families that are characterized by thinness or vice versa.
Increased metabolic rates:
A high metabolism rate may lead the body to lose a lot of weight, even if the individual follows a healthy diet to treat thinness and is full of high-calorie food, he loses what he gains from the weight first because of the high metabolism rates.
chronic diseases:
There are some diseases that afflict the body and affect its general health, such as the body’s constant nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which leads to the body losing important elements and vitamins in the body, and thus leads to the body losing the fats that are found in it. On the other hand, there are diseases that affect a person with poor appetite and thus affect his weight Significantly.
Mental illness:
It is certain that mental health problems greatly affect human health and activity in general and affect the individual’s ability to eat food and cause him to have poor appetite. Among the mental illnesses are depression, anxiety and some behavioral disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and bulimia. All these diseases, in turn, affect human health and make him weak and debilitated.

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