How to file a complaint with the court electronically through the Ministry of Justice website?

How to file a complaint with the court electronically through the Ministry of Justice website?

There are some disputes that are resolved through the courts, so the Ministry of Justice has provided all means to submit a complaint to the court electronically.

This service provides the applicant with the case, the possibility of submitting the application for registration electronically in accordance with the specific materials, procedures and rules. The aim of this service is to develop and improve the electronic systems used in the court and trial, in order to achieve a high degree of efficiency in line with the Kingdom’s vision 2030.

How to file a complaint with the court electronically

There are very simple and easy steps that must be adhered to in the event that you wish to file a complaint with the court electronically, which are:

  1. Go to the official website of the Ministry of Justice.
  2. From the main page of the site, go to the list of electronic services.
  3. Choose a lawsuit newspaper service.
  4. On the next page, the application service appears on the claim statement, where the user enters all the required data.
  5. And then choose the classification of the case, the case court and confirms this choice by pressing the word next.
  6. A page will appear requesting some data about the person, such as: the individual’s data, the employer, the work address, the residence address, the postal address, the phone number, the e-mail, the names of lawyers or agents, etc., then after that, the word next is pressed.
  7. The second page, the user enters all the defendant’s data and then presses the Next button.
  8. To move to a third page, the user enters all the lawsuit data and then clicks on the next word.
  9. On the last page the user has to save the electronic complaint and then print it for later use in the relevant court of the case.

Thus, a complaint has been submitted to the court electronically, and a message will appear stating that the request has been accepted, or rejected in the event that there is an error in the data entered, for example, or for any reason, and the reason for the rejection will appear if it occurs.

Complaint Inquiry

After submitting the complaint, you may need at a later time to inquire about the submitted complaint and any other details related to it. We talked in another topic about the way to inquire about cases and transactions in the courts, also electronically through the same website. You can refer to the article to learn how to query.

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